Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Repeal Prop 8 - Protest March San Francisco (11/7/2008)

State court upheld Prop 8 this morning - legalizing discrimination. Minorities beware. If the majority can strip rights away from one minority - they can do it to another.

The video is from November of last year. But right now, as I type this and look out my window, a helicopter is circling above the Castro. Earlier today the choppers were circling over the Civic Center. Many have taken to the streets today and this evening. The fight is not over.

A brief was filed today with a federal court, asking that Prop 8 be set aside until the court can decide if Prop 8 violates our Federal constitution. Of course it does.

A sad, sad day. But eventually, this too shall pass and marriage equality will prevail.

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