Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Fidelity": Join the Movement to Repeal Prop 8

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  1. Living in Indiana has left a foul taste in my mouth about just how far governments can go to beat down the citizens it is syupposed to be serving.
    This is not a lot different.
    When you consider that near a third of this nation's adults partake in some form of marijuana consumption at least once a month and that one can still draw a life sentnce for doing so in Texas or a couple other states...
    Or that the push for nuclear energy is filled with cliches like, 'clean energy' and 'safe energy' when in fact it is one of the most dangerous forms of energy, and creates waste products that are totally outrageous...yet the government keeps on selling it, eh?

    No...we lost decades ago.
    That's why the energy that you are using to get single issues dealt with is interesting.
    I wish you luck.

    What about the third party, though? Any Libertarians out there?