Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Pemberton Stairs

Walking in San Francisco means walking up and down hills, and up and down public staircases lined with quaint homes and private gardens.

The Pemberton Stairs are on a hillside just north (and a bit west, but not too much) of the Twin Peaks Lookout. The stairs begin at Clayton and climb up past Greystone, past Villa Terrace and end at Crown Terrace. Turn right at Crown Terrace and head over to Twin Peaks Blvd. Cross that street and you can climb up the stairs to the top of Tank Hill.

Take a look at the broad view from above

Just a wee bit closer.


  1. had to pick all three, eh?
    Cool fig trees (I can still smell them in my mind...sort of)!
    Interesting steps just about everywhere (I was driven all around and through SF so didn't get to explore that facet)!
    And, funny Scotties!

  2. oooh

    a new bird blog
    i get to be reactionary #2!

    fabulous, bird! i love these 'my hood' kind of blogs and am tempted to try one here -- maybe just for the summer -- anyway, looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful city by the bay

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  3. Thanks for dropping by! I hope to pull this together a bit more - professionally - with better pictures - and better selection - or rather, more selectivity.

    I want to interview folks on the street too - but we'll see if that really happens!

  4. Nice blog--really makes me feel I am there!
    Visited only once, at the height of the Haight-Ashbury hippie scene--hitchhiking to Yosemite and back...how are things there now?
    You do show the charm and beauty of the city, in your photos and text here and in the next post!

  5. I was just there last night, around dusk. It's awfully beautiful, a quiet oasis really...

  6. I was there yesterday at dusk. It was foggy, but on clear nights the views of the city are quite luminous and memorable. A true Oasis in the heart of the city.

  7. Hi, got your posts on my blog. I found yours by doing a google search for Pemberton St. and San Francisco and your blog was one of the first few results! You should be honored. I'm about to take off for Japan so I'll try to keep up my blog, but now it's back to packing....